About Us



I work in higher education and when I am not supporting students, I am a lover of blackness, reality tv, social media, and Beyonce. A college is a place where one finds identity, lifelong friends, and creates memories to cherish for a lifetime. I believe education is endless and we have the ability to use said education to solve some of the worlds most complex problems.

A Different World premiered when I was a just a toddler, yet it is a staple in great Black television for me. Not only did it show different perspectives of what it means to be black, but what it means to strive for Black excellence. I look forward to this journey in revisiting the series and discussing how it still is impactful even today.



I am a brunch enthusiast who moonlights as a freelance digital project manager and jr. web developer and knower of things. I've worked in more industries than my chronological years would lead you to believe. I've literally lived on the other side of the world and I've learned there's nothing like the connection Black womxn have with each other. We are so dope, so cool, and just the all-around goddamned best!

I wanted to create this podcast to discuss the influence A Different World had, and still has, on Black culture; especially as a show led by Black womxn. The clothes, the music, the actors, and the topics were all beyond what was happening on mainstream TV at the time. And, even as a young child, I found role models to emulate and new ways to express blackness beyond what was considered "acceptable."